Episode 8

July 21, 2021

Meggido burns. The screams of desperate city folk are drowned out by the howls of savage ghouls and undead monsters. Our brave heroes make a desperate effort to escape the city walls alive, but with danger so close, nothing is certain.


Written, directed, and produced by Good Noise Radio

Ben Tissell- Dallen, Quinn, Thane Blackthrone, Reginald (Tower Guard), Corin Tosscobble, Squire, Old Bill

Hillary Langdon- Jericho Evermoor, Demon #1, Frightened Tiefling #1

Shirley Bardone- Lady Tribella Stansworthy, Jenny (Tower Guard), Ghoul Captain #1, Sound Design and QA

Josh Knapp- Adam

Alex Nutter- Gor Ironhead, Nefarious, Thug #1


Original Intro "Land of Shadow" by Shirley Bardone


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